Service List


Auto Parts

We ae preffered parts suppliers for all the major incurance companies So if you need parts we can sell you auto parts at wholesale prices. So if you are looking for Headlights, Bumper covers, Fenders, Engines, Transmissions, Grills, Door mirrors, Radiators, Condensers and many more other parts, all parts are insurance grade and come with full 12 months warranty on the part. So if you need parts to repair your vehicle we have the parts at wholesale prices saving you money.

Used Car & Per Lease Turn In Inspection

We provide a full used car inspection service; this will give you a mechanics view of what you are buying, including any hidden costs on the vehicle repairs you may incur if you buy the vehicle. You will be able to go back with seller and renegotiate the selling price.

Often when a lease vehicle is turned in at the end of the term you will be charged for dents scratches etc, which can be expensive to repair. In order to avoid this, we can carry out pre lease return inspection. We will advise you on what work may be needed to carry out to your lease vehicle before you turn in the vehicle. We will also provide you an estimate on the repairs so you can compare prices.


If you are moving to another State or need a vehicle moved, we can transport your vehicle to anywhere in the USA. Our prices are very competitive. We also move vehicles for Corporate relocation. If you have  high end vehicles  Arrangements can be made to move them in covered trailers.

Used Car Sales

We sell good quality used cars. Majority of the vehicles we sell come with our own bumper to bumper warranty. If we don’t have a vehicle you are looking for, we can locate any vehicle for you from Dealer Auctions in the US.